Event description

Attention all FGC players! Evo Gaming is hosting our first series of bi-weekly Street Fighter V tournaments! In preparation for EVO 2016, come take swing at the title by attempting to dominate your fellow NYC SFV players!

Our brand new venue is the first of its kind in Queens with a major focus on FGC esports and tournament events. We already host bi-weekly Smash 4 Wii U tournaments as well as other games such as Pokken Tournament!

Admission: $10 venue, $10 tournament pool contribution. Winnings will be split 60/30/10.

POT BONUS: $100!

Tournament Rules
Playstation 4 | Bring Your Own Controller
> Double Elimination
> Default settings
> 2/3 Rounds per Game
> 2/3 Games per Set
> Top 3 3/5 games per set
> Winner must keep character
> Loser may switch
> Random stage select (players may opt for an agreed stage)
++Beach Stage banned
> Option B so no Interruptions
> Legacy Support Banned

Rules & Info
Feel free to bring your own gaming peripherals!
No outside food or drink.
No recreational drugs or illegal substances.
Harassment of attendees will not be tolerated.