Event description

Attention all NYC CS:GO players! Evo Gaming is partnering up with Nvidia GeForce to host our 7th Weekend Warriors event featuring CS:GO!
The first 30 players who register for the event at http://bit.ly/2iLwMn5 and show up on the day of the tournament will be entered into a 6 team, Single Elimination bracket. Only single entries will be allowed, no organized teams may enter!
The event will open registration at 12:00 PM sharp and the tournament will begin at approximately 1:00 PM. Be on time or lose your spot!
The six Players with the highest Competitive Matchmaking Ranks will be designated Team Captains. Team Captains will then select from among the remaining Players to form their random team consisting of six Players. The Team Captain with the lowest matchmaking rank will pick first, the next lowest matchmaking rank will pick second, next lowest matchmaking rank will pick third and the Team Captain with the highest matchmaking rank will pick fourth. This order of selection will continue until all Players at each Host Location have been placed on a Team.
The winning team players will each receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card!
Nvidia will be giving away prizes and swag throughout the day!
The entire event will be streamed on our twitch @ twitch.tv/evogamingnyc
Admission: FREE! Venue fee and game time will be covered for all 30 registered players!
Spectators are free but due to limited space, we may have to ask people to make room for registered players and customers.
Tournament Ruleset:
Tournament Type: Single Elimination
Game Type: Defusal
Team Size: 5v5
Maximum Entrants: 30 Players, 6 Teams
Map: Dust 2
Victory Conditions: A Match is complete when both halves are over. The total score, based on rounds won in each half, will determine the winner.
Rules & Info
Feel free to bring your own gaming peripherals!
No outside food or drink.
No recreational drugs or illegal substances.
Harassment of attendees will not be tolerated.
Shoutouts to everyone that made this event possible!